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The Production Hotspot (PHS) website’s main purpose is to attract film and video business to the area, and to support and promote the local video infrastructure. The rapidly changing technology has led many to mistakenly believe that quality filmmaking has become a solitary pursuit. PHS believes that filmmaking was, is and will always be a collaborative art. The site is dedicated to the notion that no matter what niche you belong to; whether it is feature films, commercials, broadcast, indie films, animation or social documentaries – we all benefit from a strong LOCAL film and video industry.
We promote key players within the local industry and encourage community members to find reasons to use these resources. We understand that this is not a comprehensive list, but our approach is to promote invited key players in certain niches as a way of making search for resources easier. We are not trying to replace the local directories that are more complete, but think our approach serves a useful purpose. We not only want to serve as a directory but as an advocate and educational source for the industry. We want to attract and keep business local. Every time a local filmmaker says, “it will be better to shoot in LA”, it takes needed money out of the community and creates a vicious cycle. We have lost too many great companies over time and we don’t want to lose more. Our hue and cry is SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL FACILITIES.
PHS was also created to serve as a community hub. By posting press releases, and promoting events and classes, local organizations and jobs we hope to serve as a one stop location for our local community to keep tabs on what is going on.
We encourage local members to support our site by letting us know about events, providing photos for our hotspot gallery, and possibly being guest contributors to our FYI section. We welcome feedback good and bad, and we actively are asking for suggestions on things you might like to see, and how we can possibly improve the site. We are open and sensitive to the local community, and our intention is to be a welcome addition to that community.
We can be reached directly via email at:
or by mail at:
Bayside Media Services
816 ½ Alvarado Street
San Francisco, CA 94114